Our Aim

Our job is to help you achieve the maximum value for your property. We’ve got one simple equation: a little money well spent before you sell will bring a far greater return when selling.

There are so many simple ways to increase the value of your home. InHouse have had over 40 years in the business so we know how to spot them. We are confident we can give your property the wow factor it may need for the buyers-market.  Use our expertise and experience to put your home ahead of the rest. Invest in having an extension to make room for a new kitchen or renovate a room to have an en-suite fitted. If it is a new build you are interested in, then we are the best company to go for.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

First we’ll meet with you at your property and assess what we believe may help you sell at a greater value.  We work with you and always work to your budget. We can identify any problems you may have and will be able to make some suggestions on where to start to make your property more desirable.

Detailed Report and Estimate

After our initial assessment, we will produce a detailed report listing our suggestions along with an estimated costing, detailing the things we believe will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Estate Agent Advice

In addition, we can also assist and offer advice with the selection process of suitable estate agents.  We know from experience which estate agents are best to market your property so it can sell a lot quicker.


Our initial visit is £80. Depending where your home is located, we may have to take travel costs into consideration especially if you live further afield.

Reporting and Costs

Following our initial visit, we will produce our report outlining our suggestions and the costs associated. The report is very detailed, explaining everything clearly. This report may take some time to fill out therefore we charge for the time invested into getting it right.

Costs for producing a report:

Our standard price to carry out a detailed report on a 1 Bedroom property is £160 and our fees increase depending on the size of your home and the amount of work to be carried out. We can let you know how much when you contact us.

There is going to be occasions when we have visited certain properties where we felt that we couldn’t add value so we thought it was only right to have waived our fee.

Once we’ve provided you with our report, the next step is up to you.  If you wish for the work to be carried out but prefer to do this yourself, then that is your choice, however, if you wish for InHouse to manage the work to be undertaken, our Report Fee will be deducted from your total spend.