Typically, Garages are built to house the car and nothing else. If you have the room to extend the exterior of your home, then why not consider having a garage extension. This will certainly add some style to your property as well as being very practical and giving you somewhere to keep your beloved car.

If we have just built you a new home, then without a doubt one or more garages may be needed. Whether it is a double garage or maybe you would like 3 in a row, then we can combine this service with any other you have already had.

What we have seen when we have visited our client’s property that already have a garage is that once they open their garage doors, the first thing we see is certainly not their car. It is full of all the things that our clients have had to store over the years. We can help you to make the use of your home leaving your garage to serve its real purpose. To keep your car safe.